Starts 01.02.2018
Ends 01.05.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Our vision is quite simple: We want our community to grow! Many people have missed the hype around Bitcoin and co. and now we give peoples a new chance, because of the token model, we are sure that our token will rise, but there is no guarantee but we try it.

The rate is fixed: 0.00004 ETH per SYC Token (48% / 12 Months = 4%). This means when you hold 1000 SYC Tokens in your wallet, you become 0.04 ETH every first day of the month. You can always sell your tokens or buy more at the exchange, the more tokens you hold in your wallet, the more you get from our repayment program. After 12 months, the repayment program ends and 48% of the ICO revenue were paid back to the SYC token holders. Your Ethereum address will be automatically noted for the repayment program in our system, you will automatically receive the 4% in ETH every first day of the month.

They remaining 52% will be invested in a portfolio of 20 different cryptocoins to generate profit for our SYC Token holders. The portfolio is balanced with the top 20 market cap coins and is updated every quarter and the portfolio is publicly accessible for our community. Every quarter, the profit from the portfolio is distributed to our Token Holders.

We pay 48% from the investment in month to avoid flooding the market and to ensure that the token is stabilized. Most of them will hold their tokens as they want their 48% back and new people will buy the tokens to participate in the program. Furthermore, we are listed on good exchanges and have a growing community. When do we get the Tokens? The tokens should be visible in your wallet within 12-24 hours after participation and confirmation of the Ethereum transaction. Who can participate in our token sale? Everyone can participate in our token sale. We have no restrictions!

Synexcoin has ended 480 days ago