Starts 01.07.2018
Ends 25.11.2018
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Pluto Protocol is a distributed data exchange block chain with special purpose.Data written to the Pluto chain is divided into open data that is transparent, and private data that is not exposed externally.Open data is made up of sensitive, personalized information. The problem with humanity requires a democratic and encrypted Pluto Protocol.The Pluto Protocols utilize encrypted data and a token model with a blockchain model to solve the problem of storing basic data. It motivates the protocol to control the data and exchange applications at the same time.It is a perfect way to ensure that all of the institutional and user requirements are met.

PlutoProtocol is a distributeddata exchangeblock chain with specialpurpose. PlutoCoin automaticallydonates 10 % of its fees to the foundationwhen it's transmitted. Generalusers may vote on the use of funds collected dependingon their acquiredportionof Pluto coins. Reveal data - The transparentdisclosureand sharing of informationthat some agencies own, and the transparency and accountabilityof their operations, can be increased. Protecting sensitive personal information - Pluto can encryptthis sensitivepersonal informationto process.

Sharing work experience - Pluto protocolallows each of these internationalorganizationsto share theirwork experiences,makingthem more efficient. Pluto Alliance Union is the biggest contributor to the sharing of work experience. For instance, UNICEF and the World Food Organizationcan work on projects together, or they can carry out certain ticketing projects using one manual. All of this is possible within the Pluto Alliance

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