Starts 22.10.2018
Ends 23.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Our objective is to establish the STONE COIN as a sustainable, reliable and future-oriented payment token that has an effective REAL SHIELD. The STONE COIN is a serious and future-oriented crypto token with an effective REAL SHIELD value that is entering the market. The net funds (= after costs and taxes) raised by the emission will be invested in the development of a substantial European real estate portfolio - taking into account international opportunities. This solid real estate investment constitutes the REAL SHIELD of the STONE COIN.

The objective of the REAL SHIELD is the permanence of the company and by that the ongoing operation of the acceptance point network for the STONE COIN. This will be ensured in the long run by the returns of the real estate portfolio and their re-investment. The STONE COIN therefore closes an important gap in the crypto market. It offers an excellent combination of a crypto currency’s flexibility and the security of a REAL SHIELD - Best of Both Worlds.As a classic ERC20-Token the STONE COIN provides the option to be used for crypto payments in correspondent transactions. The token does not grant any further rights to its owner.

The STONE COIN is by concept and character a payment token. This means that he can be used as means of payment at the corresponding points of acceptance and for direct transfers from wallet to wallet. THE STONE COIN AG guarantees to assure the operations of the network of acceptance points on a continuing basis. Naturally, like many other cryptocurrencies the STONE COIN will provide through the aspired listing on relevant crypto exchanges and crypto marketplaces the option to participate in the price and market developments of the STONE COIN.

TheStoneCoin has ended 122 days ago