Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Tokedo rating

Create your smart contracts and launch your token sale with a few clicks, no technical background required! Generate your token and get it automatically listed in the decentralized exchange without effort. Tokedo is the complete ecosystem designed to bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream. The Blockchain was born to remove the middleman and create a trustless society. The major exchanges made a profit of $1 billion each last year. They charge what they want, they own your private keys, and they can kick you out as they please.

Add trust to your ICO with our innovative Token Creator. Generate your smart contracts and launch your token sale with a few clicks. No technical background needed, our Token Creator does the heavy lifting for you. Add community-voted milestones to upgrade your ICO to a DAICO. Generate your token to build your business and realize your dreams. Imagine your local football team fundraising the next season by issuing its own token. No need to find expensive coders, no need to wait development time, just do it. Tokedo could be used by major international teams as well as local teams. They could both create their own token for their loyal supporters. Every fan in the world could support their home city or their favorite team.

Tokedo has ended 137 days ago