Starts 04.08.2018
Ends 24.11.2018
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The next great opportunity for cryptocurrency is using hybrid application combining cryptocurrency and business blockchains.Business to Business (B2B) commerce far exceeds business to consumer (B2C) commerce and the key to unlocking B2B commerce is the business blockchain.Business blockchain for supply-chain management and business solutions are currently focused on the very narrow market of large companies. Business blockchain is not a viable option for 90% of businesses today.Additionally, most public blockchains are not private enough for business commerce.

Tritanium solves both problems by providing a complete end to end solution for business blockchain, and by using a ring-signature protected public blockchain for the Tritanium coin.In order for businesses to begin using cryptocurrency for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) applications, they require the tools necessary to build and manage business blockchains.Although there are several consortium of companies and software vendors rushing to build business blockchain solutions, most of these projects are focused on very large companies that support projects that are very expensive and have a very long development time.

Projects like hyperledger are focused on large companies that can afford to spend millions of dollars on analysts and developers.Additionally, almost all business blockchains have ignored cryptocurrency as part of the business blockchain solution.The focus of Tritanium is NOT to create a cryptocurrency for a single product or type of product. The mission of Tritanium is to provide a cryptocurrency that enables businesses to use both business blockchains and cryptocurrency in their business processes.

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