Starts 01.11.2018
Ends 31.01.2019
This ICO has already ended.
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Our mobile app is designed to collect fitness data from users workouts through connection with Smart Devices like Smart Watches or Smart Bracelet. All data is secured by blockchain technology and no one can not abuse them. We are aware of how valuable and personal are the users’ data in today’s world. To motivate users to share their data, we decided to pay for it or you can just keep data for yourself without reward. Blockchain technology is actually most secure system, how users can exchange data without third party and without any possible fraud.

Our AI system will be constantly analyzing collected data from users and trainers in True Gym network. Thanks to the Blockchain technology and Ethereum, all data of users will be safely stored on blockchain network. As a result of AI analysis, we will be able to create individual training plan to every user with specific exercise requirements. Actual size of Health worldwide market is 118 Billion USD. The interest of people to care for own health is massively growing every year. The prediction shows, that the size of Health worldwide market can be 206 billion USD by 2020.

We want to support healthy and satisfied people all around the world through the True Gym mobile APP with AI workout plans for everyone. Thanks to the smart devices, which will be collecting workout data, users can earn Gymeeks for sharing data. Gymeeks can be exchanged for True Gym Coin, which the user can spend on fitness supplements, gym entries or exchange for money. Thanks to the workout data from users, AI will continually improve workout plans for users based on their personal profile.

True Gum has ended 227 days ago