Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 01.11.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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Updated 04.10.2018

TURKEY Energy Token: Flexible & Liquid When digital assets collapse and new regulations are introduced, withdrawal is almost impossible. The profit of months and years can be lost within a few minutes. XTRL does not have this problem because it is highly supported by the liquid stock market. TURKEY Energy Token: TURKEY Energy Token: Safe & Stable You can't fool the block chain. XTRL coin uses smart contracts that enable it to function like digital money. This means less risk, less speculation, and an easy way to invest in technology. With XTRL, zero is impossible. TURKEY Energy Token: High Growth & No Fee Invest in a Token to grow your money - don't lose it. XTRL offers a unique way to profit from the technology and energy industry, which will soon reach $ 30 trillion.

Turkey Energy eliminates the technical barriers that go towards setting up solar farms. Investors get to avoid all the costs and risk while getting a chance to invest in clean energy. Besides that, the investors do not need to worry about intermediaries. Funds flow directly from their wallets to the projects. They can rest easy knowing that their investment is secured by a smart contract and the Ethereum blockchain.

The XTRL token will have a maximum ROI. This is because of the large solar power plants that investors will fund. The development costs will be shared, and incentives will be offered for all. To ensure the shareholder rights are protected, smart contracts will be utilized. Besides that, the profit distribution is also protected by the smart contracts.

Seventy-five per cent of all tokens will be distributed to investors during a ten-year period. A 23 per cent payment is settled in the project. Eighty-five percent of all tokens collected will be used to install solar power plants. Ten per cent of the funds will go towards paying the team.

The XTRL tokens are valued at 0.0004 ETH. The distribution will occur within 48 hours after the sale is closed. Those who take part in the pre-sale will benefit from a bonus of 10 to 40 percent. The installation of solar panels is going to be beneficial for all. Revenues from the solar farms will be sent to holders of the XTRL tokens once every 90 days. It is known that a solar plant can be self-supporting for over 25 years. Besides that, the maintenance cost is quite low.

Turkey Energy Token has ended 48 days ago