Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 30.09.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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The UNCHAINET platform will create a new heterogeneous cloud hosting marketplace by bringing together companies/individuals (providers) with available computing resources (servers, server blades, mining rigs, etc.) and those who need them (consumers). Providers can join the platform easily by installing the Unchainet software which will grant them immediate access to the global market. For consumers demanding computing resources, joining the platform means getting access to vast computing power at highly competitive prices.

Because of the underlying technology (Kubernetes, Docker), consumers with existing containerized applications will be able to switch to Unchainet without additional costs and use existing standards. Our underlying platform with much lower pricing uses the same technology as the existing cloud computing providers they are already using. But that’s not all. Building the extensive network of server nodes will allow us to offer other services built on top of the Unchainet platform including independent modular dApps.

We believe that cloud is the next industry ready for major disruption. Millions of computers are under-utilized because there is no infrastructure for the efficient trading of computing resources. We are building the transparent, decentralized and cost-effective cloud platform, powered by blockchain technology, enabling the next-gen decentralized applications and contracts. The consensus algorithm for the UNET blockchain is called Proof of Beneficial Work (PoBW). It's unique as providers are incentivized by running a superior service (validated by QoS chain) and not by validating transactions. This allows zero-fee transactions on UNET chain.

Unchainet monitors quality of individual nodes in the network with QoS (Quality of Service) Chain – blockchain for measuring and transparently storing node reputation data in the public distributed ledger. UNET tokens are ERC20 standard tokens used to facilitate compute resource trading on Unchainet platform. After launching our proprietary blockchain, ERC20 tokens will be migrated in 1:1 ratio to Unchainet blockchain platform and will power fast micro-transaction payments solution.

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