Starts 01.12.2018
Ends 28.02.2019
This ICO has already ended.
Universal Protocol rating

The Universal Protocol Platform addresses one of the biggest challenges facing blockchain technology by allowing the instant and seamless transfer of value across different decentralized networks. Providing a common language through which incompatible protocols can ‘reason’ with each other, UPP will reduce the time, cost and risk of trading digital tokens and cryptocurrencies. By building foundational architecture for interoperability, the Universal Protocol Platform will allow users to interact with multiple cryptocurrencies (and an abundance of other assets) on a single blockchain. UPP combines proven technologies – smart contracts and reserve functionality – with genuine innovation: highly secure & convertible Proxy Tokens.

For financial institutions, the platform solves the technical and custodial challenges of supporting multiple cryptocurrencies on bespoke blockchains: the UPP model provides a single standard compatible with any Proxy Token representing any tokenized asset. As a result, institutions will only have to write their business logic once, for Ethereum, in order to support any cryptocurrency, radically simplifying the integration process. For retail investors, the platform creates a more practical and ‘spendable’ way of holding cryptocurrencies: for example, users can borrow in fiat currencies against their Proxy Token holdings, a giant leap forward for the industry. Proxy Tokens also make cryptocurrencies far less risky to hold by introducing many of the safeguards associated with mature financial assets, such as fund recovery and easy inheritability.

Universal Protocol has ended 174 days ago