Starts 16.09.2018
Ends 14.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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UTEMIS is a B2B platform geared to building trust by stressing and decentralizing merchant reputation, transaction assurance and trading efficiency. It is focused in Latin America and it is integral with the UTEMIS token, this being essential to protect merchants from the vagaries and arbitrariness of local governmental interventions. In this, UTEMIS follows the proven business model of the leading Chinese e-commerce giants with a strong emphasis on reputation.

For the reason given, the UTEMIS cryptocurrency is a necessary complement with the potential of transforming the entire Latin American region into a single economic space. UTEMIS TGE proceeds will be used to speeding up the development of the technological platform and in hiring a massive salesforce to spark growth in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

UTEMIS Value Proposition for merchant customers is threefold: 1) Find new clients and suppliers in the entire Latin American continent and evaluate them by their reputation; 2) Save up to 99% of the current costs of doing transactions and payments and; 3) Keeping our customers protected at all times against fraud (using an escrow account).

UTEMIS is a ‘market maker’ in the sense that it brings additional capital to the cryptocurrency space – UTEMIS competes in the B2B Trading Platform industry, not in the cryptocurrency industry. UTEMIS expects revenues of $650 million (US Dollars) in the first year of operations by monetizing this Value Proposition with three types of income: 1) Advertising; 2) Per transaction fees and; 3) Fees from managing the escrow account.

UTEMIS has ended 64 days ago