Starts 31.07.2019
Ends 31.10.2019
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ViewChain greatly lowers the bar for opening a content store for users. There is no hassle of setting up a website, acquiring and populating on-line storage with content, and purchasing ad campaign on social media. Content storeowners on ViewChain save the time and cost of these barriers and simply focus on collecting fine content pertaining to a domain of their interest.

Therefore, ViewChain storeowners are also called Curators. The stakeholders in the ecosystem of the content store business include creators, curators, actors, storeowners, viewers, storage keepers and accountants. Creators are people who create the original content and therefore own the copyright to the material. Curators screen quality content out of an enormous base with their domain expertise and choose best ones for sale. Very often the curator will also play the role of an actor to add commentary to selective content for promotion. Storeowners could be creators, curators or both, who run stores with a phone app to manage the display on shelf and stock in 11 the inventory.

Viewers are followers of the curator and are the potential viewers. Storage keepers are IPFS repositories operated by participants who have spare storage space for rental. Accountants are blockchain nodes that do the bookkeeping of all transactions and profit allocation according to smart contracts. A curator is a domain expert who selects and promotes content to viewers. ViewChain enables curators to run a content store with a lightweight front-end management and a heavy-duty backend support. The storefront is public to the world and completely manageable with just a phone. With one-touch the selected content is bookmarked and published for sale.

There is no need to mind the physical location of the content. In fact, there probably is not a fixed location of the content storage. It will be partitioned and duplicated among many distributed IPFS nodes for high availability and efficient deliverability. Viewchain also offers storeowners a multi-level incentive system to promote content in an organized way for maximum reachability to potential viewers.

ViewChain will end in 12 days