Starts 01.02.2018
Ends 15.04.2018
This ICO has already ended.
VinChain rating

VinChain appears to be a great solution for those who adore cars and deals with it. It can be used in order to verify the technical state of some vehicle applying the technology of blockchain. Make your own ico analysis if you are interested in such themes like cars or blockchain. The project of VinChain has developed its own system that gathers the data about certain car from many reliable services and outputs the final information. This all was implemented without any drawbacks related to centralized databases. Surely this fact affects the ico rating towards the positive mark.

Do not miss the ico alert.Everyone is able to increase the price of his vehicle during sale period by contributing into the network that keeps track of cars. It appears to be a network that is entirely decentralized and you are able to store your data within the blockchain, so the confidentiality of your data can be guaranteed. Every user is free to pay for requests that occur within the blockchain, it occurs with the help of VinChain tokens, then tokens are going to be shared among people. This project is a big deal because no one can have an acces to your information. Precise information about cars can be obtained whenever. And finally it creates the final database of reliable suppliers and consumers. Discover icos related to this coin in order to support such great idea.