Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 30.11.2018
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The advent of VinToken can bring for entrepreneurs as well as customers many advantages like Blockchain technology, such as: brings the mission that helps advertising businesses as well as cosumers gets benefits of Blockchain technology on the online advertising market. Moreover, it consists of data securities, anti-frauds, assisting customers with chosing better targets, reporting more clearly and exactly. Basing on the use the benefits of Blockchain technology, VinToken is a global decentralization online advertising foundation.

The online advertisers have a lot of new selectivity. They can choose the companies,countries,areas...,as well as the can use the database to serve as a basis for direct marketing. They can also base on personal hobbies and behaviors of consumers to select suitable objects.

Advertisers can determine advertising effectiveness ( throughout how many times they were selected and carried out advertising, the number of people buying products,etc.). However, this is so quite difficult to carry out by traditional advertising such as on TV, newspapers or notice-board.

An advertisement is transmitted on the Internet 24 hours per day, all weeks or even during the year. Moreover, the advertising campaign can be updated or canceled at any time. Advertisers can follow progress of their advertising every day. They also can consider advertising effectiveness in the first week then they can replace of that advertisements in the second week if necesary.

Vintoken has ended 115 days ago