Starts 29.09.2018
Ends 17.12.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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When you send Ethereum to the Xerxes smart contract the contract notes down both the USD value of the Ethereum sent in as well as the address that it received the money from. After which it will give you one $XRX token for every dollar you sent in. Whenever you want your money back, you simply sent the $XRX back to the smart contract and you will receive $1 worth of Ethereum back for every $XRX token returned. Even if the market has crashed! While similar projects rely on unreliable prospects such as trading bots, Arbitrage is guaranteed profit as the buying and selling rates between countries stays more or less the same.

Our team already holds Arbitrage routes with a few countries, however we plan to expand our team and connect routes with countries such as: South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and Chile just to name a few.We pride ourselves in having a very straightforward and no-nonsense investment idea and plan, we have faith in Arbitrage as an investment as our CEO has been making a living from it for the past two years. So we know exactly what to expect and how to go about establishing new routes with said various countries.We feel it's important to make sure that our team are native born citizens as to better help us navigate any potential laws or obstacles we may encounter that a foreigner just wouldn't have the resources or knowhow to deal with.

Once our presale has ended we will hire out citizens in other countries who wish to aid the Xerxes team as best they can.If you're worried about trust in the team, don't worry about it! Nobody but the current Founder/CEO will ever touch the main source of Arbitrage funds nor have the chance to. Meaning we can hire out locals that even we don't personally know and have no fear of them going rogue with the Xerxes money or the contract itself.We hold a variety of benefits over traditional banks. One of those benefits is that while most banks rely on securing your personal funds with a username and password, your personal storage with the Xerxes contract is as secure as your Ethereum private key which can be secured in a variety of different ways.

Xerxescontract has ended 159 days ago