Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
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GDPR has changed the way we use data forever. No longer can companies use or trade your data without your consent. The EU Commission predicts that the value of the personal data market of EU Citizens is set to reach €1 Trillion by 2020. Your Data Safe will disrupt this multi-billion Euro industry and put the rightful owners firmly back in control of their personal data.

Our mission is simple; to change the way consumer data is handled and traded via the redistribution of value, allowing personal data to be used and monetised for targeted marketing and advertising, whilst supporting businesses with GDPR Compliance, Consultancy and DPO Services to ensure the longevity of the YDS “Pure Data” Strategy.

The YDS Academy will allow users access to the latest GDPR courses. Our Cloud based education and training platform is backed by HFW Law, endorsed by The Chartered Insurance Institute and Certified by AOFAQ. Our Virtual DPO service will store and update all of the company polices automatically. Working with our consultants we will create an AI powered GDPR knowledge database to answer all GDPR queries. Our cloud based storage can be utilised, to store any GDPR compliance policies, create new ones using our templates, and be accessible on any device in any location.

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