Starts 01.09.2018
Ends 01.11.2018
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The objective of the ZenVow Meditation resorts is to allow for the creation of a new sustainable alternative to the unsustainable economy we have today. The new reward system is based on the principal of rewarding scientifically proven healthy human activities in order to maximize the quality of human life, without paying the heavy price of the undesired externalities such as pollution, fauna and flora extinction, public health costs, among many others. The ZenVow Meditation resorts will be managed using permaculture techniques. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable ways of living as well as a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

ZenVow users receiving rewards inside the resort will receive a special bonus, to be payed to the resort in order to be used for extra expenses such as, maintenance costs, agricultural costs and energy costs and so on. The ZenVow Sensor has two main characteristics, it is composed by a Respiratory Effort Sensor and a body posture sensor. The sensors are capable of detecting expansion and contraction of the chest/stomach and also detects the user’s posture using an inertial measurement unit. The user can attach the strap in two different locations, on the chest or on the stomach. The sensor can connect to any smartphone device via wireless Bluetooth link.

The ZenVow Sensor relays real-time biometric data from the user’s respiratory efforts as well as the XYZ vectors back to the app, this data is then used to create interactive color and sound therapy in order to generate a relaxed state of mind. The strap is one size fits all and very comfortable and compact. The data from the sensor is used as one of several metrics to validate if the user participated in a breathing, meditation or Yoga session in order to receive the ZenVow Coins as rewards. The ZenVow Mobile App is a free cross platform application, running on Android and IOS. It is designed for users to connect to the ZenVow Sensor and the ZenVow meditation pad. The app has built in breathing, meditation and yoga sessions organized in classes.

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