Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Zooblin rating

Zooblin will be under Zoo Network that we are planning to build with other platforms, Zoodots, and others. We design and build Zooblin, the e-commerce platform to solve the current problems and issues that existing marketplaces have faced.Zooblin charges only approximately 10% commission to sellers and at the same time, buyers will receive 2 to 5% cashback from the purchased amount in order to offer mutual benefits for sellers and buyers.

And the innovative and social feature that Zooblin provides is 1% will be donated to charity and the donation transaction can be shared on Facebook with the information of the purchased item to enhance the marketing. And the shared link can be trackable and the additional purchase made by the shared link will be counted. Therefore, 1% will be granted to the person sharing the link in Zooblin Token, ZBN.At the end of the fiscal year, all of the profits are proportionally distributed to token holders as many as they have.Zooblin will have its own exchange working as the gateway between fiat currency and Zooblin token, ZBN.

With Zooblin’s solutions, sellers pay approximately only 10%, which is 5% lower than the fees by Amazon. From the 10% platform commission, we cashback 2 to 5% to customers depending on the level of a member. From the 10%, we donate 1% to non-profit, non-governmental organization, such as UNICEF and Save the Children in order to support children in developing countries, and all donations are on behalf of the purchasers.

Zooblin has ended 204 days ago