Starts 01.08.2018
Ends 31.10.2018
This ICO has already ended.
Zwoop rating

Zwoop analyses hundreds of thousands of retail websites across the globe, using AI and a distributed network of crawlers, to recognise products even when they're described in different ways by different retailers. Zwoop identifies the best deals available, anywhere online. Zwoop’s find engine is far more precise than a search engine, and operates without the biased influence of advertising, SEO or affiliate deals. It only shows the products that match the shopper’s exact specifications, including size, style, delivery options, and are in stock.

Zwoop automates the registration and checkout process, with fast, one-click check-out from any retailer. Payment can be made using debit or credit, ZWP tokens, or any major crypto currency, opening up the crypto economy to mainstream retail. The Zwoop blockchain enables consumers to control their data, decide how it’s used, and receive rewards if they choose to share it.

Zwoop gives shoppers a complete, accurate and unbiased insight into the entire e-commerce marketplace - allowing them always to find the best deals. No more fruitless searches, no broken links, no irrelevant content, no affiliate networks, no advertising influenced results, no complex checkout processes, no unauthorised harvesting of personal data.

Zwoop has ended 204 days ago