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​24 million US dollars’ worth of BTC scam suspect arrested in Thailand

​24 million US dollars’ worth of BTC scam suspect arrested in Thailand
Aug 10, 2018 by Rico Wise

Thai police reports detention of a person by the name Jiratpisit Jaraviit, an actor, 27 years of age, who has allegedly performed a fraud worth of 24 million USD in digital currency.

This person is one of the 7 people who were detained by Thai police as suspects in the specified illegal action, as well as his senior brother and sister. Almost two weeks ago, the Criminal Court of Thailand has issued a warrant for his detention, subsequent to a considered complaint filed by a Finnish person. According to the complaint, Jiratpisit had illegally scammed foreign investors into financing approximately 24 million US dollars worth of digital currencies. As a result, Jiratpisit is being charged for money laundering, the commission of which he denies.

The accused cybercriminals have made promises to buy shares in the firms that financed the Dragon Coin digital currency. The local media of Bangkok reports that the financiers received no dividends from their alleged contribution or any shareholders’ meeting invite. According to the statement from the Crime Suppression Division, the scammers performed a withdrawal of Bitcoins from their digital wallets and further traded them for baht, Thailand’s national currency.

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