​5,000 Chilean dealers began accepting payments in digital currencies.

​5,000 Chilean dealers began accepting payments in digital currencies.
Aug 10, 2018 by Rico Wise

The citizens of Chile became enabled to pay for goods and services from more than five thousand dealers with help of digital currencies

It has been reported that Crypto MKT, a Chilean cryptoexchange, has made an announcement about the collaboration with Flow.cl, which is a network for online transactions. This will let the dealers include the digital currency as a viable payment method by referring the customers to the CryptoCompra network.

The CryptoCompra network is accessible in Chile itself, and a number of other South American countries, such as Brazil and Argentina. It is also accessible in Europe, allowing the clients to purchase businesses with help of the world’s dominant digital currencies, and at the same time allowing the dealers to get the transactions in pesos, which is the national currency of the Chile.

The Crypto MKT exchange plays its part by providing a guarantee fund, which secures the stability of the digital currencies’ prices and protects them from volatility.

It has also been announced that by giving the businesses the ability to accept digital currencies makes them able to receive transactions from any point on the globe, and provides them with the possibility of recognition as a forefront business that is able to offer swift, safe and trustworthy payments.

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