Adam White joins the ranks of Bakkt

Adam White joins the ranks of Bakkt
Oct 16, 2018 by Rico Wise

White has recently left the San Francisco-based cryptoexchange, Coinbase. He was its fifth employee, serving the interests of the company for five years straight, operating as its vice president and managing its institutional business. He was one of the people responsible for the company’s major success today.

Now, White is teaming up with the Bakkt crew, including Kelly Loeffler, in order to establish a transformational cryptocurrency ecosystem. Bakkt is a production of the Intercontinental Exchange, which is the firm owning the New York Stock Exchange.

According to White, he moved to the Wall Street due to the fact that it was ready to sell cryptocurrency to the public, and the only reason it is not selling them is the infrastructure, which is lacking on the current cryptotrading networks.

White himself tells that the interest in the world’s most dominant digital currency is moving from retail investors to institutional ones, however, the state of the infrastructure of the trading platforms that exist now rarely meets the expectations of the institutional financiers, which is why they remain hesitant.

Speaking of Coinbase, the cryptoexchange has also employed some major figures in the sector of digital currency. The company hired Charles Schwab, Tim Wagner, who used to work as the general manager for Amazon Web Services, and Brian Brooks, formerly from the Fannie Mae’s General Counsel.

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