Advertising campaign for Gemini cryptoexchange stirs concern

Advertising campaign for Gemini cryptoexchange stirs concern
Jan 5, 2019 by Rico Wise

Ex-Coinbase support representative and currently a BTC advocate, Nick Foley, claims that there is need for regulations, however, they are not a subject of celebration as the advertisement suggests. According to Foley, the ad provides the policymakers with a false sense of significance, and incentivizes the existing corrupt system.

The advertisement forms a part of a bigger Gemini’s initiative all over New York, which is intended to promote the cryptoexchange and specifically focuses its regulatory-compliant stance.

According to Chris Roan, the head of Gemini’s marketing department, the financiers entering the cryptospace deserve to be protected the same way the financiers in the conventional marketplaces are, complying with the same policies, standards, and protocols.

The advertisement campaign is one of the first Gemini’s attempts to lure in retail financiers. Starting from 2014, they have been mainly targeting major institutional funds. The introduction of the GUSD stablecoin, which is not so popular considering the success of its other dollar-pegged equivalents, has witnessed retail financiers’ interest recording a certain boost. Thus, the company employed Interesting Development firm for creation and running of the advertising campaign.

The slogans used in the campaign are as follows: “The Revolution Needs Rules”, “Crypto Without Chaos”, “Money Has a Future”.

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