BAT currency drops almost 20 percent subsequent to listing at Coinbase

BAT currency drops almost 20 percent subsequent to listing at Coinbase
Nov 10, 2018 by Rico Wise

Overall, the cryptomarket traded downwards upon entering the weekend, witnessing prices collectively losing 6 billion US dollars over the period of two days. Nevertheless, no digital currencies with major or medium market capitalization experienced losses as hard as the BAT token did, which is the dedicate currency of Brave, the digital ad ecosystem.

BAT, an ERC20 altcoin based on the Ethereum platform, has lost over 18% within a 24-hour period. The most of that downside movement happened last evening, right after the value of BAT reached its peak at 0.39 USD on Binance. The currency has lost almost one fourth of its price after that and as of now is trading at a little under 0.30 USD, accounting for a market capitalization of 298 million USD.

The pullback that occurred on Friday, even though not totally averting the profits made by BAT this month, still point at a reversal of fortune for the digital currency.

Early November’s surge performed by the BAT token seems to be almost completely connected with the token’s listing on Coinbase, which happened in the course of a few stages which saw BAT implemented step by step into the cryptotrading company’s many platforms.

The final listing of the token took place yesterday, bringing to a close the speculations that always occur when a new digital currency becomes listed at Coinbase.