Binance cryptoexchange employs initial public offering expert as its CFO

Binance cryptoexchange employs initial public offering expert as its CFO
Sep 9, 2018 by Rico Wise

Binance, one of the most dominant digital currency exchanges in the world, has invited a well-experienced specialist in IPOs to perform the duties of the chief financial officer at the exchange.

Wei Zhou, currently acting as the vice chairperson of LGBT dating application called Grindr, has some extensive, over 15 years of expertise in the position of an executive. He is well-known for leading his projects, such as Charm Communications and, to success by managing to get those companies listed on NASDAQ and NYSE respectively.

Such an employment caused some people to believe that Binance is intending to go public and will soon announce an IPO. Nevertheless, Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive of the cryptoexchange, has refuted such speculations, although admitting that the such an emerging sector of economy as cryptoindustry would profit from such a model of fundraising.

This is not the first time a digital currency company is hiring executives with expertise in the field of traditional finance. For example, FXcoin, a digital currency project based in Japan, has earlier made an announcement about hiring a new senior strategist by the name Yasuo Matsuda, who previously worked at Deutsche Bank, serving the function of a foreign exchange merchant. It is worth noting that Tomoo Oshi, who is the creator of this Japanese project, is also experienced in traditional finance, previously working at Deutsche Bank as well, heading the currency sales division.

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