Binance cryptoexchange introduces research division

Binance cryptoexchange introduces research division
Nov 10, 2018 by Rico Wise

Binance Research is a division created to engage in thorough objective investigations for gathering reliable data on tokens both emerging and already enlisted on the cryptoexchange.

Binance Research is a new branch in the ecosystem of Binance, aimed at provision of investigative reports of institutional quality level, with purpose of improving the transparency and enhancing the quality of data accessible in the digital currency space.

The branch has already revealed two in-depth and objective publications, both footnoted by a comprehensive message, cautioning not to refer to them in case of financing purposes, even though that is evidently the original purpose of such reports for the majority of cryptotraders – obtaining an all-round data concerning a potential financing opportunity. The consultative nature of these reports suggests that cryptotraders will probably continue consulting the initial coin offering ratings and services that offer reviews, such as

The newly established branch has posted two reports, highlighting GoChain and LOOM. The former is an independent blockchain platform, offering interoperability with Ethereum, but still having to elaborate its system in order to actually compete with Ethereum. Loom, in its turn, is yet another scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain.