Binance LCX commences operation of fiat-to-crypto exchange

Binance LCX commences operation of fiat-to-crypto exchange
Aug 17, 2018 by Rico Wise

Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange and Binance cryptoexchange have started cooperating, and their collaboration resulted in the establishment of a fiat-to-crypto exchange, which will be launched soon.

The customers of the new trading network will be able to trade Swiss Francs and euros against dominant digital currencies, with more trading pairs to be added subsequent to their approvals with the government.

Binance undertakes in the provision of the necessary resources to keep the exchange up and running, and Binance LCX will provide client support, policymaking compliance and keep in touch with the government.

Liechtenstein has chosen the crypto-friendly path and embraces blockchain innovations, probably mimicking its neighbor Switzerland, famous for the Crypto Valley established in the canto of Zug.

Previously, Liechtenstein presented a new law regarding blockchain, which ensures legal and policy certainty both for clients and whole businesses. The Prime Minister of Liechtenstein claims that the government recognizes a strong potential in the blockchain innovations, stating that they can be used as a crucial base for a number of economic use cases, dealing not only with payment transactions, but also with wider solutions in the sector of finance, various industries and has a number of general applications as well.

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