BitMEX forecasts BTC price to reach 50,000 dollars this year

BitMEX forecasts BTC price to reach 50,000 dollars this year
May 16, 2018 by Rico Wise

There may be many predictions for Bitcoin price in the community, even the most ridiculous, but whenever the source is as influential as a major cryptocurrency exchange has its professionals making financial forecasts, everyone pays close attention, because such forecasts have the tendency to be reasonable and quite true.

Arthur Hayes, the BitMex cryptocurrency exchange CEO and co-author, has released a forecast for the BTC cost that, in his opinion, is going to surge right up to the mark of 50 thousand dollars before reaching 2019.

Although the cost of the Earth’s most famous cryptocurrency has suffered some fluctuations but recently rebounded, reaching the 8,800 dollar level, such prediction remains unlikely and not so believable. However, according to market strategists, there is a tendency for Bitcoin cost to spike within a couple of days' period.

At the beginning of 2018, BTC price was suffering depression, however, even back then Hayes optimistically noted his job is to predict things without any regards of them, coming true. He also stated that he is merely a trader who makes his profit by exploiting of the market volatility, specifically of the fluctuating Bitcoin cost that never fails to satisfy his expectations. Hayes doesn’t care about shortages, price surges and any other volatility, because his profit comes only from matching trades.

BitMEX, which is a digital currency exchange aimed at Asia, is focusing on trade investors, but is preparing a number of sophisticated features to substitute spot trading that the community might have a chance to witness really soon.