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BlackBerry announces medical records sharing blockchain platform

BlackBerry announces medical records sharing blockchain platform
Oct 7, 2018 by Rico Wise

Patients’ outcomes, as well as their lives will now have yet another opportunity for improvement, brought by BlackBerry Limited’s blockchain system. The firm is utilizing its platform operation hub to energize the blockchain-based DLT solution, which pursues the goal of establishing a worldwide system for storage and medical data sharing with highest security standards. The blockchain technology is brought by the Onebio company, which is a p2p marketplace for biological data.

Recently, BlackBerry, a company, which has long specialized on the development of mobile gadgets, has revealed BlackBerry Spark, an EoT network, created to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare records on a worldwide scale.

According to John Chen, the chief executive and acting head of the firm, the developers are applying their knowledge base in the spheres of security, sensitive data care, and communication work in a variety of industries supervised by legislation, all in order to defeat on of the most important challenges of the healthcare sector, which is to take advantage of healthcare endpoints to enhance patient outcomes, at the same time making sure that privacy of the records and security standards are in place.

The new development of the company will help patients, labs, and IoT biometric inventions input medical data into the platform, knowing that this data would be totally secure, anonymous, and would not be tampered with. Further, these records can be shared with specialists.

BlackBerry provides this DLT development to the Global Commission, an organization seeking ways to put an end to the issue of diagnostics performed for children with rare illnesses. The Commission anticipates the platform to speed up the diagnostics and analysis, providing real-time results and benefiting the patients.

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