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​Blockchain project to make the Internet space cleaner

​Blockchain project to make the Internet space cleaner
Sep 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

Most of the people that sit on the web will confirm that ads are becoming increasingly intrusive. Because of the fact that the majority of ads spoils the experience for the web surfers, most of the latter resort to ad-blocking extensions and software to deal with them once and for all, thereby putting both advertisers and publishers into a very dangerous situation to be in, taking into account that they rely on advertisements, be that user base expansion or profit needs.

Despite the fact that solutions based on blockchain technologies, as Basic Attention Token have successful disrupted the ad environment to some extent, Varanida, a newly created blockchain-based project has arrived with hopes of being able to take this disruption up a notch with its platform. Varanida introduces a network, which allows all three groups – Internet users, advertisers, and publishers – to tweak and control their advertisements, preventing spam and scams without setting up a separate ad platform from the very beginning.

The reason behind using blockchain technology here is that it offers plenty of benefits, such as decentralization, resistance against censorship, complete transparency and, of course, grounds for consensus. The latter is the most important, as Varanida will allow its customers to engage in voting for the kind of advertisements they would like to view during web browsing.

Currently, Varanida is gathering data on the ads, providing a browser extension, through which users report the ads. When enough data is collected, Varanida will develop the final version of the network, which would then start operation in full effect.

In addition, Varanida has commenced its second round of the initial coin offering on September 28, and it is still possible to take part in the event until October 5, with participants being offered to buy 20 BTC worth of the dedicated VAD tokens.

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