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Blockchain project to simplify payment to employees

Blockchain project to simplify payment to employees
Sep 15, 2018 by Rico Wise

Horuspay, is a blockchain firm, which attempts to deal with the existing problems connected with global payroll. There are four issues existing in the industry that the newly introduced blockchain system is intended to solve.

These issues include vendors of low quality level and high fees, slow communication with big chance for errors, the speed and cost of cross-country payments leaves much to be desired, and one of the main pressing issues is, of course, security. Nevertheless, Horuspay is ready to introduce a solution for all of these problems.

The whitepapers of the project expressly claim that “by using blockchain technology, global entities can complete faster transactions, reduce costs and experience better security. By creating uneditable, transparent records and vendor reviews, blockchain makes it easy for global entities to research new payroll vendors.”

The network designed by Horuspay promises to bring onboard the payroll vendors to their respective businesses, significantly cutting the expenses and simplifying the communication. Apart from that, using a single portal enables a much easier and efficient documentation management.

Moreover, the speed and cost of transactions is enhanced through the utilization of eosCASH, known as Horus dollar prior to the rebranding.

Apart from that, Horuspay allows two tokens to operate in its ecosystem at the same time, the tokens being HORUS and eosCASH, used for payroll payments and simplifying life for potential millions of employees in the network.

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