Blockchain tech developers are making a lot of money not matter the crypto winter

Blockchain tech developers are making a lot of money not matter the crypto winter
Jan 13, 2019 by Rico Wise

Over the past half year, the yearly income of blockchain specialists in the highest tier has grown by more than 4,000 USD, according to the findings of a survey performed by Janco Associaties, a management consulting company.

On average, yearly income of blockchain developers has also significantly increased in comparison to other software developers, accounting for 132,000 USD. Seasoned devs make even more than that, accounting for as much as 176,000 USD, specifically when they change their place of employment.

In the top tier of IT jobs, among other as highly paid jobs are only data scientists, managers of databases, and ERP data specialists, with only the latter being able to earn more than blockchain devs in the Q2, and only ERP data engineers managing so in Q3.

These are not the first survey findings to display the dominant position of blockchain devs. In October 2018 it was also reported that blockchain specialists in the US were making almost the same amount of profit as did AI engineers, which is another sector witnessing the rise of demand for experienced talents.

Back then, the competitive salary that was proposed to blockchain devs was credited to the rising demand in the field with Hired, a tech sector headhunting company, displaying the 400% rise in the job postings. Glassdoor, another jobs site, also unveiled that crypto-related and DLT job postings have increased by 300 percent.

LinkedIn, a professional networking site, has disclosed that the highest rising field on its platform last year was blockchain development, especially in the DLT and P2P sector.