Blue Helix Exchange launches its dedicated BHT token

Blue Helix Exchange launches its dedicated BHT token
Dec 22, 2018 by Rico Wise

Blue Helix is a cryptoexchange that is working towards achieving a decentralized ecosystem in a regulatory-compliant way. The project has gathered 15 million dollars from institutional financiers, such as Huobi and OKEx through the sale of equity about half a year ago, with beta-launch of their cryptoexchange product being performed last week, together with the dedicated BHT currency.

Still in the Beta phase, the BHEX provides over-the-counter BTC sales for CNY, including some other trading pairs like EOS to Tether and Ether to Bitcoin.

The BHT coin is not a usual fundraising option, because investors are unable to just finance the platform and get a certain amount of tokens in return. In fact, BHT currency is awarded to you for purchasing the so-called ‘points’ on the Blue Helix Exchange. Said points are further utilized to provide discounts in cryptotrading fees. It has a similarity with the BNB currency of Binance, wherein initially the customers received discounts on cryptotrading fees when they opted for payments in BNB.

Blue Helix provides its users with two kinds of virtual point cards, pegged to Tether and to Bitcoin, using which will offset the trading fee, which further becomes converted into Bitcoin in accordance with the trading price of the currencies and then deducted from point card.