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BTC Core weakness could have let miners cause BTC inflation

BTC Core weakness could have let miners cause BTC inflation
Sep 22, 2018 by Rico Wise

This Thursday, the Bitcoin Core developers have presented their updated statement, wherein they admit that BTC flaw came out to be more dangerous than originally claimed. According to the developers, the ill-intended cryptominers could have taken advantage of this weakness to set up an artificial inflation of BTC supply volumes via a certain kind of double spend operation.

Originally, there was another Denial of Service bug revealed by the developers, which was less dangerous, but still a serious one. It would have let cryptominers interfere in the stable operation of BTC platform by crashing down the nodes in the network. Nevertheless, this would make them sacrifice their block reward, which is quite big at the moment, accounting for 12.5 BTC.

The developers’ statement claims that this bug has been around since BTC Core soft V. 0.14, although it has been revealed only this week. The reason developers have refrained from immediately unveiling the full scale of the vulnerability was to keep malicious cryptominers from taking advantage over it before the updated client could reach critical mass.

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