​BTC price hits 7,000 USD, market shows recovery

​BTC price hits 7,000 USD, market shows recovery
Aug 31, 2018 by Rico Wise

BTC price has managed to recover from 6,800 USD to 7,000 USD, with purchase pressure preventing the currency from falling further, to the regions of 6,500 USD.

The overall market capitalization has seen some gains, reaching 227 billion US dollars, with BTC value bouncing back and recovery of the majority of small market capitalization digital currencies and altcoins.

WaltonChain, an IoT blockchain platform, has seen a huge price surge, mainly because its WTC currency got listed at Bithumb, which is the 2nd biggest cryptoexchange in South Korea.

The listing occurred the next day after South Korean media began reporting that the cryptoexchange has concluded a contract with NH Bank, which is a big financial establishment in the country, and the cooperation will see the banking institution providing digital bank accounts to the cryptotrading network.

The NH Bank has previously refused to resume the collaboration with Bithumb due to the network’s 40 million US dollars’ worth of security breach. Only after the bank saw that Bithumb has overhauled its infrastructure and fixed the security issues, the cooperation was able to resume, and WaltonChain has been the first token to be integrated at Bithumb subsequent to its overhaul and recovery. This almost immediately boosted the price of WaltonChain against USD, gaining over 30% of value and hitting 5.55 USD overnight.