BTC value signifies the readiness of the cryptomarket to pull off a big breakout on the upside

BTC value signifies the readiness of the cryptomarket to pull off a big breakout on the upside
Nov 7, 2018 by Rico Wise

The trading pair of Bitcoin against the US dollar has almost managed to completely negate the losses incurred by the previous day’s cryptotrading session, which accounted for a small 0.46% daily profit. The trading pair has received a significant support level in the course of the day at 6,372 USD, a bit earlier than the expected trial of the lower trend line of the parallel channel revealed during the preceding analysis. It registered a reversal from the aforementioned level to repeatedly try out its interim resistance level at the price of 6,421 USD. The most demanded trading pair is currently being dealt at 6,427 USD on a more or less increased cryptotrading volume day. Boosted by the formation of the bull flag, it can also be rightfully interpreted as a sign of an upcoming price rally, with the trading session in the United States coming in.

The hour-to-hour signs are becoming increasingly full of bullish sentiment, while the trading pair maintains its trend of staying above 100- and 200-days SMA. Meanwhile, the RSI indicator is recording a reversal to the north from its neutral area maintained currently, giving clues of the possible confident push in the direction of the overbought area. The movements of the Stochastic Oscillator display biased upside movement, exercising the movement in the direction of the levels encompassing a confident sentiment for purchase.

Still, the upside bias stays immobilized due to a mid-term trend line that indicates a decline. A breakout in the region exceeding it has the possibility of making the BTC/USD trading pair end up in a bull trap. However, a sustained momentum, which can bring BTC/USD past the 6,810 USD price might serve as a confirmation of a mid-term price rally expectations in the cryptomarket.

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