Buterin criticizes BSV, calling it a dumpster fire

Buterin criticizes BSV, calling it a dumpster fire
Dec 30, 2018 by Rico Wise

Buterin reflected on pros and cons of PoW and PoS algorithms utilized by digital currency developers in the process of building their assets.

Buterin also expressed his stance against PoW concept, stating that he does not believe in the algorithm anymore, although he retains his optimism regarding the kind of tech that is presently under development. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same way about BSV, which is allegedly developed in line with the initial vision established by the core creators of BTC.

BCHSV and BCHABC were both results of the Bitcoin Cash split, which took place Nov 15, 2018. BSV was created with the aim of bringing the solution for mounting scalability problems of Bitcoin on the chain by means of employing enormous block sizes. Still, since its launch, it has kept on encountering multiple problems with publicity and technical difficulties.

Bitcoin SV has been experiencing some troubles along the way. The other part of BCH split has also encountered some issues, especially with mainstream adoption and integration. At the time of writing, it is traded at 85.13 USD with an overall market capitalization of 1.49 billion dollars, with listing on Gemini and Coinbase pending.