​Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine announces blockchain to be used for election

​Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine announces blockchain to be used for election
Aug 9, 2018 by Rico Wise

Two days ago, a representative of the Electoral Commission of Ukraine has disclosed that the authority is cooperating with NEM on the pilot application for blockchain voting.

The head of State Register of the commission seems to be happy with the tests results so far, stating that series of tests is still ongoing regarding the application of blockchain innovations for the voting process.

He also explained that a couple of weeks ago, a trial vote has been created, which uses 28 NEM blockchain nodes and is still live, so anybody can still participate in the trial.

The tryout occurred from the cooperation with NEM Ukraine. It includes a test network with test NEM altcoins, which were kindly provided by Anton Bosenko, a Ukrainian NEM Foundation representative.

In accordance with the exchange rates, the head of the State Register stated that equipping each police station in Ukraine with the necessary equipment would amount to approximately 1,227 US dollars per each station. It is quite a small price to pay for transparency and security of the voting data, the head says.

Ukraine is currently in the middle of the finalizing processes regarding the policymaking connected with digital currencies. Previous month, the Financial Stability Council of Ukraine has supported the suggestions of rendering the digital assets to be financial instruments. In spite of quite low prices on electricity, there are no plans of regulating the informal cryptomining industry in Ukraine.

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