​Chris Larsen to take part in the Crypto Finance Conference

​Chris Larsen to take part in the Crypto Finance Conference
Aug 15, 2018 by Rico Wise

The Crypto Finance Conference, known briefly as the CFC, is one of the most unique conferences of financiers all over the globe, which discusses matters and issues in the industries of digital currencies and blockchain financing, and now it is coming to the United States of America. The US will host the CFC for three days, from September 5 to September 7 in the state of California. Among the key members of this conference will be Chris Larsen, who is known for his work as the chairman for Ripple. The cryptocommunity also knows him as the richest man in the industry of digital currency and the conference will have him as a keynote speaker in less than a month from now.

Larsen has created Ripple back in 2012, with dedicated digital currency intended to enable worldwide bank transactions using blockchain technologies.

Among the other important speakers for the conference there is Tim Draper, a venture capitalist famous for creating the Draper Associates, DFJ, as well as the Draper University. He is also known for being a financier of more than 50 digital currency firms and projects, among which are the Coinbase cryptoexchange, Ledger, and Tezos. Apart from that, Draper is the leading representative for blockchain technologies and BTC currency. Also, Brian Forde, who was previously a US Congress pro-crypto candidate, known for his service as Mobile and Data Senior Advisor at the White House, is going to participate in the event, too.

The people behind the Crypto Finance Conference try to provide qualitative events for the investors in the field of digital currencies and blockchain, and are very happy to finally bring the next event to the United States. This is one of the most unique and exclusive conferences that involves some of the most prominent individuals and specialists with impressive expertise, and it is about to provide some rare opportunities to exchange experience and share knowledge to improve businesses, community, economy, technology, and the world.