Co-creator of Uber sees brokerage launch presented by its cryptotrading network

Co-creator of Uber sees brokerage launch presented by its cryptotrading network
Sep 14, 2018 by Rico Wise

Voyager is the digital currency trading network designed by the first CTO of Uber and an executive previously known for his input in E*Trade. The Platform has made the news with the announcement of its new brokerage launched. The division has been created to target institutional financiers.

The newly created division has been named Voyager Institutional and focuses on the delivery of the top-notch cryptotrading solutions to major companies that want to engage in cryptotrading. This group involves hedge funds, market makers, and buy-side companies among many others. The brokerage is scheduled to commence operations by the end of 2018.

Glenn Barber, the Voyager’s current CIO, will take the reins over the brokerage. Barber is formerly known for his work as managing director of equities and one of the heads at the worldwide program sales desk of Deutsche Bank’s branch located in New York.

Barber aims to introduced the long-demanded level of accessibility, interconnection and new technologies to the institutional financiers, who have been on the lookout for playing a significant role in cryptotrading.

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