Coinbase obtains securities dealing companies

Coinbase obtains securities dealing companies
Jun 8, 2018 by Rico Wise

Coinbase, a flagship cryptotrading platform of the United States has commenced a procedure of transition to a completely regulated broker dealer under SEC. This has become achievable by medium of buying such companies as Keystone Capital, Venovate Marketplace and Digital Wealth, which would assist in turning the cryptoexchange into a broker dealer via extension of offerings and expansion into other financial products.

Coinbase expresses its readiness to cooperate with policymakers to tokenize current types of securities, which would revolutionize the capital markets’ accessibility for businesses and financiers in the cryptoindustry.

Should the SEC grant approval, Coinbase would become empowered to offer securities based on the blockchain under the supervision of SEC and FINRA, making the broker-dealer licensing a step forward.

By following such course, Coinbase is uniting with other platforms seeking to deal securities based on the blockchain under the Commission’s supervision.

Previously, Coinbase has unveiled the intentions to expand onto the cryptomarket of Japan, aiming to obtain a license from Japan’s FSA. This move would make Coinbase encounter a tough competition, as there are 16 other licensed cryptoexchanges in Japan.