Coinbase removes Gab from its platform; Square introduces BTC withdrawals

Coinbase removes Gab from its platform; Square introduces BTC withdrawals
Jan 7, 2019 by Rico Wise

Two days ago, the Gab team claimed that both the account of the platform and its chief executive, Andrew Torba, were shut down by Coinbase.

In the course of the past few months, leading payment processing services such as PayPal and Mastercard are allegedly practicing censorship on prominent political commentators and content providers, pressuring such subscription networks as Patreon to remove certain individuals from the platforms.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, who unveiled the fact of receiving 80,000 USD per month from his Patreon account in the course of a podcast, had his account closed by Patreon with no decent justification and not explanation or warning provided beforehand.

Gab claimed that the presence of firms and governments with substantial supervision over the worldwide financial industry does not allow exercising the freedom of speech and incites censorship, also stating that decentralized financial systems are the only solution to the issue of censoring.

In the event that Coinbase was forced by the said payment processors to shut down the counts of Gab and its chief executive, Square, the 26.5 billion USD payments colossus operated by Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter, would have also encountered troubles in facilitating BTC support to Gab.

Still, today, Gab has made an announcement that the Cash App provided by Square made BTC withdrawals possible for the firm, raising doubt regarding the Coinbase’s cancellation of the company’s accounts.

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