​Cooperation between Binance and LCX to deploy fiat-to-crypto-exchange in Liechtenstein

​Cooperation between Binance and LCX to deploy fiat-to-crypto-exchange in Liechtenstein
Aug 18, 2018 by Rico Wise

The most dominant digital currency exchange by trading volume has entered into a cooperation with Liechtenstehn Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) to establish and deploy a cryptotrading network that offers customers direct trading against fiat.

Binance LCX has been declared to be at the Central-European vanguard of operations for the Malta-based enterprise. The brand new team-up will facilitate exchange of the digital currency for customers in exchange for CHF and EUR fiat currencies. Binance will perform the part of an overseer for operations and become the manager of the tech network, and its connection with LCX will deal with the customer support management and compliance with policies.

A year back from now, there was no Binance. It all began in the middle of the summer 2017, with initial coin offering that introduced the company on an international arena of the trading market. Decision to stay bankless and the ability to manage bigger trading volumes played out in favor of the firm, bringing it to the list of 10 best digital currency exchanges. Currently Binance is spearheading that list and holds a record for 85% initial coin offering revenue for those who took part in the token sale.

Now, launching the Binance LCX project, the attention of officials has been drawn to the business, with support coming from Adrian Haslet, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein. This shows a confident political and policymaker’s support of this program.

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