​Cryptocommunity dissatisfied with policymakers’ involvement in digital currencies

​Cryptocommunity dissatisfied with policymakers’ involvement in digital currencies
Jul 28, 2018 by Rico Wise

There is a big disagreement growing inside the cryptocommunity concerning the positivity of policymakers’ increasing involvement with the cryptoindustry, with some believing that such attention will speed up its process of maturation, and some feeling like this is an unwanted obstacle on the way to innovations.

Ripple, the blockchain project and the biggest holder of the XRP digital currency has been known for standing behind the second mentioned opinion.

Cory Johnson of Ripple has recently emphasized the company’s take on this rising trend, which is hardly full of excitement. On the one hand, he can understand the importance of being a safeguard for financiers and their funds. However, on the other hand, there are always some extremely bad actors attracted to the issues, which inevitably leads to destabilization.

Being a company with branches located all over the globe, Ripple has interacted with a wide array of policymakers in various countries, all of whom had different opinions on the emerging technology.

According to Johnson, the United States are starting to drag behind their international equals in terms of approaching this blooming sector and establishing express policies for companies aiming to conduct business in it.

This opinion appears to be quite a commonplace, in fact. Even policymakers admitted the occurring situation recently.

Previously, the chairperson of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has stated at the hearing of the congressional subcommittee that, in his opinion, the United States are lagging 4 years behind on comprehending and balancing the policies for the blockchain innovations and its countless use cases, including the most outstanding – the digital currencies.