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​Cryptoexchange governed by its customers from ExCraft

​Cryptoexchange governed by its customers from ExCraft
Aug 13, 2018 by Rico Wise

ExCraft, which is a cloud-native cryptoexchange located in Hong Kong, has launched its first digital currency exchange to be governed by its users. ExCraft is an exchange that focuses mainly on community and pool, awarding dealers via a combination of PoE and PoS concepts, which allows customers to establish pools, take part in voting processes for new startup listings, and even use the unchangeable and transparent PoE/PoS meritocracy to design dedicated pool exchanges.

ExCraft is here to implement the world’s first ever DAO (decentralized organization exchange), manipulated on the basis of a single or pooled customer trading volume through a PoE election system. Users will undergo verification, passing which they will be allowed to vote on listing of the emerging startups and provision of sponsorship to them by the exchange. At the ExCraft community, all customers are valued, including both the level of their input and the frequency of their trading.

ExCraft will reward its users with help of the PoE concept, where the platform will use three different ways of awarding the customers with ERC-20 based EXT altcoin.

It is considered to be unmatched un its trustworthiness and its security standards are undisputable, as they are powered and supported by the best cloud-native microservices.

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