Cryptomarket grows by 20 billion USD in half an hour

Cryptomarket grows by 20 billion USD in half an hour
Jul 18, 2018 by Rico Wise

Bitcoin has spiked in its price by 10% in just half an hour after a sudden spike in trading volume.

Within just 30 minutes the prices of BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and EOS have all grown by 6-10%, while the overall market cap for the digital currencies has grown by more than 20 billion US dollars.

A sudden correction has been experienced by the digital currencies yesterday evening, making the major cryptocurrencies significantly increase in their value, with BTC and EOS showing the best results, both adding approximately 10 percent to their value within a short span of time.

Previously reported embrace of the cryptomarket by South Korea may be one of the reasons for such surge to take place.

Should BTC price exceed the 8,000US dollars level, it may become possible for the world’s most popular digital currency to r

epeat the same pattern it had earlier in April, becoming able to test the 10,000 USD region as supportive. Nevertheless, if BTC stays in its 7,400 US dollars level so far and remains quite stable, the 8,000-9,000 USD support levels may be tried out as soon as next week.

The only thing that differentiates this surge for the previous false attempts to rally is the trading volume, which has increased by 100 million US dollars against Tether on Binance, tripling in just two days.