Cryptomarket news: BTC stays under 6,500 USD, ETH lost 300USD support

Cryptomarket news: BTC stays under 6,500 USD, ETH lost 300USD support
Aug 20, 2018 by Rico Wise

Yesterday, the cryptomarket indicated recovery subsequent to the previous week’s huge crash; however, there has not been enough momentum for it to make a significant change that could be interpreted as return of the bullish movement.

Three days ago, the community has witnessed the first significant try to turn the tables, but the profits lacked consolidation. Currently BTC is dealt at 6,500 USD level and lower, while ETH dropped under the 300 USD mark.

The majority of dominant digital currencies have made some small 1-5% gains, including some of the 20 dominant currencies making up to 16% gains.

The situation with BTC remains without any significant changes, trading within the limits of 6,400 USD, failing to sustain the surge it made in attempts to break the 6,500 USD level yesterday.

ETH is currently in the ballpark of 400 USD, increasing by almost 2% this day. The second most dominant digital currency has suffered 8%-losses on its weekly chart, and fell down by grim 37% on the month.

The majority of the remaining top 10 digital currencies remain in the positive conditions, except for Stellar and Monero, which have both dropped by almost 1%.

In terms of top-20, IOTA has made some bullish gains with almost 12% growth and 0.53 USD trading price, with the token being very close to eliminating its last week’s losses from the crash it endured.

In addition, VeChain has seen a sudden 16% surge, while Tezos has almost gained 4% and overall shows some steady but confident gains.