​Customers of Freewallet to save more than 500,000 USD

​Customers of Freewallet to save more than 500,000 USD
Sep 3, 2018 by Rico Wise

Freewallet customers were able to save up more than 500,000 US dollars on zero-fee transactions inside the network within the period from July 2017 to July 2018. To be more specific, that is 400,000 US dollars’ worth of XMR payments, 60,000 USD of ETH and another 63,000 in BTC.

Being a hosted digital wallet, Freewallet can offer zero-fee and immediate internal financial operations. Such operations bypass blockchain registration process, allowing the customers to save some money by avoiding the network fees.

The biggest amount of money save using the Freewallet network is in the XMR currency, which resulted in almost half a million US dollars’ worth of saved money.

Additionally, the Freewallet’s crew has found out which digital currencies are the most popular with their customers. According to the developers’ research, 23 percent of all the transactions are ETH, another 20 belong to XMR currency, 17 percent accrue to Dogecoin, 14 percent belong to BTC, 11 – to Bytecoin, ZCash and DigitalNote have 4 percent each, while BCH and Bitcoin Gold get 3 percent and Monero Original got only 1 percent.

Freewallet ranks #3 among the world’s most popular digital wallets, operating since 2016 on Android platform and expanding its operations ever since. Currently, Freewallet is available on Android, iOS and web and can boast of a customer base exceeding 3 million people at the moment.