Digital currency technology will render the Web to look like a cute experiment

Digital currency technology will render the Web to look like a cute experiment
Oct 13, 2018 by Rico Wise

Circle is a multi-billion blockchain startup, which has recently made numerous strategic decisions, all of which pursue one goal – becoming a force to be reckoned with in the cryptoworld. The project is supported by some of the authoritative firms in the sector, and its chief executive thinks that the future lies in tokenization.

Circle is a startup that expresses its interest in more than one aspect of the digital currency, which becomes quite obvious seeing which firms it acquires. Among the most recent of its acquisitions once can name the Poloniex cryptoexchange, which has been interpreted by the majority of the analysts as the plan to challenge Binance as the world’s most dominant cryptoexchange in the long run.

With some interest brewing around stablecoins, Circle felt obliged to join the fray with its USD-pegged USDC as well, establishing the stablecoin at the Ethereum platform, on the basis of the famous ERC-20 algorithm.

Jeremy Allaire, the chief executive of the company, expresses sheer excitement talking about the future of the firm, sharing his confident opinion in the fact that in the nearest future everything will be tokenized. Allaire is sure that even traditional stocks will be subjected to tokenization in the end, which would make them accessible through blockchain technology. He stressed the importance of such implementation, stating that utilizing digital currencies for tokenization of the real-world assets will turn the web into a cute experiment.

The majority of the cryptocommunity has already acknowledged the potential of Circle, especially in terms of the financing behind the project. For instance, the latest fundraising round of the company has been led by Bitmain, the biggest BTC cryptomining firm on the globe. Additionally, Circle has Goldman Sachs as one of the firm’s financiers, which makes specialists believe that Circle will be the one to unite the institutional investors and digital currency markets.

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