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Digital currency wallet Blockchain submits complaint versus doppelganger website

Digital currency wallet Blockchain submits complaint versus doppelganger website
Sep 23, 2018 by Rico Wise

Blockchain, the digital wallet provider hosted at, has accused the network hosted at of being an intentional fraud, which tries to rebrand itself to keep on engaging in unlawful activities dating back years.

The main issue the company has with this situation is that the fraudsters are misleading the users by making them think they are using original Blockchain’s services. The company therefore accuses the fraudsters of intentionally copying the brand details, such as similar web address, similar color scheme of the website, look-alike logotype, and a tagline rip-off, which allegedly was processed through a thesaurus but in fact bears the same premise.

The company goes on to suggest that the newly created copycat website is the work of the same people who were behind the Paymium platform, which was also known as Instawallet. The firm is infamous for losing its customers’ funds back in 2013 due to a largely publicized cyber attack.

Blockchain also states that one of the main causes of the rebranding that Paymium engaged in was an attempt to commence an ICO. Because of the severe reputation damage that it suffered due to a cyber attack in 2013, distressed users might lash out at them. Thus, the company has probably made a decision to re-enter the market under completely another name, even though the method arises suspicion.

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