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​Emercoin to battle against the worldwide manipulation issues in education sector

​Emercoin to battle against the worldwide manipulation issues in education sector
Aug 7, 2018 by Rico Wise

On August 2, 2018, the Emercoin has released an announcement about its “Trusted Diploma” open-source platform, supported by blockchain technologies, which was successfully implemented by the BTU.

Taking into account that blockchain industry is outgrowing the fintech sector to solidify security and safety of other industries with new standards, the cooperation created between the Emercoin and Business and Technology University announces arrival of a new stage in the expansion of the technology. The Trusted Diploma, which is currently utilized by the University, employs blockchain innovations to enable issuance of verifiable diplomas in the sector of education, along with other certification documents, via an enciphered and completely secure application. It was designed in such a way that makes it ensure that all the graduates have their data secure, relevant ad up-to-date.

The cooperation between the Emercoin and BTU is intended to assist educational institutions, their graduates and businesses in validating the education credentials online, ensuring their accuracy and authenticity. The breakthrough blockchain technologies allows performing various processes, such as storage and sharing of education level certifying documents, which can be subsequently verified – all using one secure and encrypted application.

This solution has been developed to help battle the widely spread corruption and manipulation existing in the education sector of developed and developing countries of the world, as well as to tackle the roadblocks encountered by the graduates in their attempts to obtain their education certifying documents from their colleges or other educational institutions.

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